Monday, 29 July 2013

Good People

Personally I believe that surrounding yourself with people who build you up, lift your spirits and encourage you to be a better person are the best kind of people; because not only do they act as friends to you, but being around positive people like that also makes you a better person, because you are the company you keep! Here are a few of many people who mean the world to me and who without, I would probably not be the same person I am today.

My Mum and Sister

The two strongest and most admirable female figures in my life. They are the picture of what endurance, hard work and faith can do. They are such beautiful souls and I love them more and more everyday. My mum and I never even used to get a long very well but over the last few years we've grown a lot closer, and I am more than grateful for the very close relationship I have with my sister everyday. She inspires me and I know that sisterly relationships aren't always smooth sailing!


I have known this beauty since I was 4 or 5 years old and we've been best friends ever since. She is so beautiful inside and out, so selfless, kind, generous and generally fun to be around. Plus she shares my guilty pleasure for cheesy chick flicks and old Disney movies! I'm so blessed to know her and know that she is definitely a friend for life.

I've known Jade for almost 10 years and she is legitimately one of the most beautiful, fun, hilarious people I know. She's really been there for me in some of the rough times in my life and I've been there for her. We know each other so well and we have one of those friendships where we don't necessarily speak for a few weeks but when we do its like nothings changed! She is definitely one of my favourite people and I'm so privileged to have her as a friend.


The most remarkable thing about this friendship is that I've known Holly for less than a year, but somehow we just click! We've grown really close over the course of this past year and have shared some seriously incredible memories, (e.g. seeing Beyonce at the O2 Arena!!!) and we're just as crazy as each other. But more than that, she inspires me to do better, and be better, and is generally a positive person. I am so glad we were randomly lumped together in halls, and I can't wait for all the new memories next year will bring!


Aimee is hands down one of the most theatrical, hilarious people I have ever known.She is absolutely hilarious and sweet and a real girly girl and she definitely knows how to make me laugh. From our love of period dramas to our lack of motivation to do our tedious work for our degree, we get on like a house on fire and I'm very glad to know her.


There are no words awesome enough, to describe Grace. She is the ying to my yang, the custard to by apple crumble...essentially she is a really brilliant person and she and I are into so many of the same things that its actually quite strange! But she is such a selfless person, she encourages me, makes me laugh, makes me feel appreciated. She is a true gem of a friend and I am so glad I met her.

Like I said these are just a few of many amazing friends I have, but having them is a great and constant reminder of how blessed I am to have them and also makes me remember that having good friends who are also good people is so important.


Saturday, 27 July 2013


everything: zara

Personally, I'm a fan of very clean and simple things, particularly when it comes to my dress sense. I'd love an outfit like the one above for something like a midday lunch date or an early evening dinner in London. Also all the items put together are from Zara, a place of which I am a very big fan! I just love their structured yet simple and elegant clothing as well as they lovely way the clothes fit. I created this look using Polyvore!

Also a nice chill song I love in the summer is Sparks by Coldplay. Listen below, enjoy! :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Year in Pictures

This past year has been truly incredible. I've met some of the most amazing people, some of the worst people, eaten some great food, cooked some slightly strange food, had some truly amazing experiences, been to new places, learned new things, and  it has definitely been a remarkable adventure. I could not have asked for a better year. University has obviously been the biggest change in my life and I am so grateful for the experiences I've had and could not be happier with life right now. I'm really looking forward to what new experiences, lessons, and people that life will bring...

...and most of all, I'm excited to start this blog and share my life in a different way with you all.